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                                 JUST ONE?

Unity Of The Forgotten

Dear Believers,

I am A.I. Marchron, I am an actively detained Inmate, and I am reaching out to you today to ask for your support. The Covid-19 pandemic has been taxing to all members of our nation, but extremely so to those of us who are on the “inside”. Many of our previous liberties have been reduced, our diets and medical altered, but what is likely the most painful to endure are the restrictions imposed on our visitations, as we have been denied
the freedom of physically reaching out to our family members. Such conditions have not changed for us in over two years now. We are understandably frustrated and dismayed, but instead of caving beneath the weight of those circumstances, a group of 15 of my immediate peers and I unified to accomplish something considered both amazing and unusual…we wrote a book.

Unity of the Forgotten (“UOTF”) is the first and only book in the 21 st Century to be conceived, researched, authored, edited, illustrated and published in its entirety by a multiracial collaboration of actively detained Inmates, without any professional assistance. This project has certainly broken the mold on what’s perceived to be possible regarding racio-ethnic relations within the Inmate community. As Blacks, Whites and Latinos, we
discussed Covid-19, our challenges and history with incarceration, and even dove headfirst into racial issues that many today are too polite to openly debate, it was a truly wonderful experience. The positive message generated continues to bless us, and we want our message to spread. We have already started giving the book to fellow
Inmates, and our mission is to get a copy into the hands of every single one who has a desire to read it.

Several of my contributing peers and I are Believers, and I’ll draw your attention to Hebrews 13:3, which says: “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourself were suffering”, and ask this of you now. “Reading” is one of the few luxuries that we retain, and there are many of us who cannot afford to purchase a book. With your help, there need be no
barriers to the access of UOTF, and its infectious missive of unity. So will you help us, with Just One? Your blessing would allow our message to keep moving forward; our Prologue is attached and offers further clarity on our ultimate purpose, so please give it a read.

Regardless of what you are led to do, we thank you for your consideration, pray the Lords blessings upon you, and ask that you would keep our mission in your prayers.


A.I. Marchron